Can Women Not Rape Other Women?

Recently India has been seriously pondering over the most ridiculous question.  Is Pinki Pramanik a rapist? Well, that’s not the stupid question.  The stupid question is:

Is Pinki Pramanik male or female, because she apparently can be charged with the rape she’s accused of, by her female partner, only if it’s proved she is male!!

Pinki Pramanik is an Indian track athlete who has won numerous medals for India for the women’s track races at various international events.   Earlier this year, her live-in partner, another woman, brought charges of rape against her.  Apparently this partner shared pictures of Pinki that showed she had ‘male’ genitalia.

An earlier test from a private clinic appears to establish Pinki as ‘male.’   However, the first test was held as inconclusive, Pinki was incarcerated and put through a gruesome public and media spectacle as she was paraded in and out of jail, and through various hospitals and labs – in a bid to establish her gender! 

She was put through every kind of humiliation conceivable.  A clip of her naked and exposed as medical authorities examined her, somehow made its way into the internet circuit.  (more…)

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