What Do “White Girl Jobs” Say About Indian Male Attitude Towards Women?


besharam white women song  In the last 10 years there has been a growing “market” for hiring white, preferably blonde, western women among certain elite circles in India.  These include Bollywood (the film industry), Premiere League Sports, like IPL, and wedding and corporate parties. 

An anonymous British woman recently wrote a column where she talked about her experience of working for what are now called “White Girl Jobs” in India.  Below is an excerpt from her column:

As a Brit living in India I have become accustomed to the attention that my alabaster complexion receives — mostly positive; sometimes not. However, there is a bizarre new trend emerging amongst Delhi’s middle-classes: hiring Western women to work at weddings, parties, club openings and the like. “That sounds a little seedy,” I said to my friend who first told me about the line of work, dubbed simply as ‘White Girl Jobs’. Jobs include anything from…

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Is this the Angle to the Clinton-Lewinsky Saga That Feminists Turned A Blind Eye to?


I started reading this book at bedtime, and after the first chapter, I couldn’t put it down. I had to stay up and finish it, just to find out if the Clinton-Lewinsky theme that I perceived in the first chapter, played out through the rest of the book. And for me, it did!

This is ‘The Penelopiad,’ one of Atwood’s lesser read books, and in it she retells the story of Homer’s famous epic, ‘The Odyssey.’ It’s a thin book, a fast read, and even if you are not familiar with Homer’s version it’s OK, because Atwood sticks to the original storyline. The story is about Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, and his wife Penelope. When Penelope’s beautiful cousin Helen of Troy is abducted, Odysseus goes off to fight in the Trojan war and returns home to Penelope after 20 years, and many adventures. And while he plays…

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What Tata Starbuck’s Female CEO Thinks About #Women in the #Workplace!


starbucks-IndiaInk-blog480 Here’s yet another brilliant example of how misogyny is internalized even among the educated, savvy, career-oriented women occupying powerful positions in India!

The CEO of Tata Starbucks Avani Davda, the first female CEO of the company, when asked in an interview about why women form only 15% of Starbucks retail outlet workforce said, “Women need to appreciate that meritocracy cannot be given up for diversity.”

In other words, the reason Tata Starbucks has such few women working in their stores is because the company finds women overwhelmingly incompetent.  Indeed too incompetent to even make coffee in an automatic coffee maker, and pour it into a cup for a customer at one of their stores, or sell them one of their over-priced coffee mugs or coffee packets over the counter.

Then Davda is asked about women’s careers and jobs outside of home and family.  And to that she says

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My #Video Response to 10 Questions on #India’s #Gendercide of #Women


As founder of The 50 Million Missing Campaign to end female gendercide in India, I was recently sent a list of e-interview questions from college students in Delhi. I respond to these questions in the video below.  The 10 questions I answer are also listed below the video embed.  The video is a bit long (40 minutes) but these are very frequently asked questions and they are important to this issue.  So please watch, and if you have additional questions, do put them in the comment box below.

To watch a video that I presented to the UN in which I explain how more than 50 million women have been exterminated from India click here.

  1. Can female gendercide ever end given how entrenched it is in Indian culture and religion?
  2. Why do parents not give up baby girls for adoption instead of killing them?
  3. What’s the use advocating for…

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Why 77% of Indian Men Want “Virgin” Brides

A 2013 survey by the India Today group and MDRA on the sexual habits and attitudes of men and women in India makes a surprising revelation.  It shows that despite the appearance of a certain sexual liberalism in Indian society, and increasing prevalence of premarital sex, 77% of men say that they will not marry a woman who is not a virgin!

In an article titled “Bride and Prejudice” [Title given by the magazine, not me!] in the India Today magazine, I explore the reasons why Indian men remain so fundamentally conservative, even in the educated, middle and upper class sections. I also explain why this fixation on women’s “virginities”  in its basic perception of women’s sexuality also feeds other forms of sexual constrictions and violence inflicted on women in India.



Do Straight People Understand #377 Applies to Them too?


When I heard the Supreme Court ruling on Section 377 on the T.V., the first words out of my mouth were – “This is unbelievably stupid! This law criminalizes at least 65% of India’s population!”

Why 65% I’ll explain later, but first I want to challenge this idea of ‘gay sex.’ I know there’s been a lot of talk about how Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalizes ‘gay sex.’ But sex, any kind of sex, is an act. It is neither gay, nor straight! What we all need to take stock of is that the specific sexual acts that 377 in its primeval language refers to as “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and outlaws – that is, anal and oral sex—are practiced by people of all genders and of all sexual orientations.

If oral and/or anal sex between two consenting…

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What Happens When the #Rapist Claims to be a #Feminist?

Click to visit the original postby Rita Banerji

In November an article circulating on the net about a bogus ‘rape festival’ in India upset many because it seemed to make a mockery of rape! Yet, the irony is, at the same time, a premiere event with the likes ofRobert De Niro and other celebrity guests, the ‘THINK’ festival in Goa, was doing exactly that – making a mockery of rape and rape victims! It took one young journalist the power of conviction to expose this sham!

I so admire the courage and conviction of this young journalist to take a stand against such a big establishment! I hope she knows she’s the start of a real feminist revolution in India, one where women recognize the integrity of their bodies that no one, not even a pony-tailed, left-leaning, radically liberal feminist man can violate! Shame to the Indian feminists who’ve stayed silent or failed to show unconditional outrage and support for this woman. But like it or not, the feminist revolution in India is finally here!

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Gandhi to Asaram: Who Empowers the Sex Crimes of ‘Gurus?’


Click to visit the original postClick to visit the original postby Rita Banerji

It’s uncanny how similar he is to Gandhi.  I’m talking about Asaram, the Indian spiritual leader who was recently arrested for sexually assaulting the 15-year-old daughter of one of his devotees.

Both Gandhi and Asaram commanded followers in the millions, who regarded them as saints, spiritual ‘guides’ and called them “Bapu” or Father.

Both Gandhi and Asaram regarded sex as and sexual desire as “sins,” and any expression of sexuality as…

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Sohaila Abdulali: Being #Raped Was Terrible, But Being Alive Is More Important

Most rapes being reported in India now are gang rapes. How can women protect themselves when confront by a group of men who are armed. I was horrified when yesterday in response to the gang rape of the photojournalist in Bombay, a few TV channels advised women on using some very basic self-defense moves to stop the rape, and fight back. Not of the programs told the women, that they have to prioritize their survival over their rape. That they should not attempt anything that would endanger their lives. That they need to know that even more than the rape it is their life that they need to worry about.


sohailaSohaila Abdulali is an Indian born author and journalist who currently lives in the U.S.  In 1980, at the age of 17 she survived a violent gang rape in India.  Three years later she wrote about her experience in the Indian magazine, Manushi.  Below is an excerpt from her article.

Sohaila’s first-hand account is courageous beyond words!  Women in India, even in the educated middle classes, won’t report rape nor go public because of the associated notion of “shame!”

But there is another issue that Sohaila discusses that media and women’s forums in India even today, in the face of horrendously escalating violence on women, shy away from.   Faced with a gang of violent men, Sohaila makes a choice to survive.  From the accounts of the Delhi gang rape victim it appears that the violence on her escalated as she bit one of them and tried to fight back

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Are Women Like Domestic Appliances?

Click to visit the original postWhen I bring up the issue of internalized misogyny in Indian women, I’m not necessarily talking about the mothers-in-law who abuse and kill their daughters-in-law for dowry.  What I’m talking about is how women view themselves.  It is the subtle misogyny, a form self-loathing, which often passes over women, even urban, educated, working women, without their even noticing it.

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