This is not a blog about Sex.  Nor it is a blog about power.  It is a blog about sex in context of power, and power in context of sex.

Why Sex and Power?

While researching for my book “Sex and Power,” which is a study of how the attitude of society towards sex and sexual morality changes over time, what I discovered was that the two things — ‘sex’ and ‘power’ are tightly linked.  At any time, in a given society, whichever section of society holds the reigns of power, is the one that decides what constitutes appropriate versus immoral sexual behavior.  Conversely, the kind of sexual ethics that are supported or initiated into society are the ones that would actually allow the sections in control to hold on to their power.   This control does not have to be authoritarian.  For e.g. take modern American society, where the most obvious camp in control is capitalism.  Here the control is subtle — through media, marketing and consumerism — all of which sell sex as a commodity, a goal, and even as packaged power!  The sexual norms and boundaries then are accordingly stretched or contained by the powers and are a direct (and sometimes indirect) method of community control/ manipulation.

Another question I ask in my book is why sex is such a popular and effective tool of power and control. Of course it is a powerful biological drive, but so are hunger, thirst etc. some of which are even more powerful than sex.

For the answer to that question, here is an excerpt from my book:

The answer is in that one feature which makes sex different from all other biological drives. While the sex drive may be essential to the survival of the species as a whole, it is not, as the other drives [such as hunger, thirst, sleep etc.] are, inextricably linked to an individual’s survival. So where an individual would perish without food, water, rest or excretion, for an indefinite period, he or she could very well survive a lifetime without sex.  This is precisely what makes sex such an efficient yet non-lethal tool for the control of societies.”

For more excerpts from my book, newspaper and magazine reviews, library holdings, etc. go to  www.sexandpower.info

For more information about me visit my website www.ritabanerji.com

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