Why 77% of Indian Men Want “Virgin” Brides

A 2013 survey by the India Today group and MDRA on the sexual habits and attitudes of men and women in India makes a surprising revelation.  It shows that despite the appearance of a certain sexual liberalism in Indian society, and increasing prevalence of premarital sex, 77% of men say that they will not marry a woman who is not a virgin!

In an article titled “Bride and Prejudice” [Title given by the magazine, not me!] in the India Today magazine, I explore the reasons why Indian men remain so fundamentally conservative, even in the educated, middle and upper class sections. I also explain why this fixation on women’s “virginities”  in its basic perception of women’s sexuality also feeds other forms of sexual constrictions and violence inflicted on women in India.



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  1. It is the family that determines who the man is going to marry.
    And the alternative to a virgin is a widow. The widow remembers another man and can compare the man’s sexual favors with another man.

  2. ourveronica

     /  February 7, 2014

    Dream of every man………ki……….wife is virgin…………..
    its impossible in present era

  3. you are right my dear veronica………………….
    virginity is the dream of every husband….


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