Why Women Politicians in India Grow Penises!

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi with Indian women supporters

I was watching Eve Ensler, author of ‘Vagina Monlogues’ on an Indian T.V. channel around the time of the December 2012 Delhi Gang Rape uprisings, and she was asked what she thought might help stop violence against women in India.  One of her suggestions was what most western feminists advocate  often, “Get more women in.”  Into government, police – positions of power and decision making.

But the fact is that in India we’ve had women in positions of power for long — and this theory of women in power as a means of betterment of women just DOES NOT WORK IN INDIA!  After all we’ve had a female head of state, Indira Gandhi.  Her daughter-in-law, Sonia Gandhi, is the biggest political force in India, bigger than even the Prime Minister, India’s head-of-state, who she hand-picked for the position, and who she strings along like a puppet.  Indeed, she’s been voted the 6th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine, more powerful even than Michelle Obama!

But this is what is strange.  In India women in positions of political power do not think the welfare of, or for that matter even extreme violence on women in India is any of their concern! They don’t act on it, legislate on it. They don’t want to even discuss it.  And if forced to — they blame and put women down!

The only reason I can think of why this is probably because, somehow these women in power have grown penises, and view themselves as leading a nation – by men, of men, for men — of whom they are one!

Politician Mayawati, may now, after the Delhi Gang rape protests, be demanding the ‘death penalty’ for rapists, but as chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh she implied girls raped were somehow immoral.   When under scrutiny for the insanely escalating rates of rape in her state, on which her government had not acted, she said the opposition was just “politicizing” the issue of rape!

The current chief minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee, wrote the victim off the victim of a high profile rape case in Kolkata as a liar, and when female police officer Damayanti Sen cracked the case, she came under fire was given a punishment posting.  Later the Chief Minister said that because women were socializing openly with men, instead of staying home, secluded, like good Indian girls are supposed to, they are inviting rape!

The chief minister of Delhi, Sheila Dixit, on the brutal murder of a female journalist in 2008 in Delhi blamed the victim, saying women should know better than to be out so late at night.

Sonia Gandhi, Sheila Dixit’s party leader, of course had nothing to say to her, and remained mum when another member of her party, Abhijeet Mukherjee, who also incidentally happens to be the son of India’s President, another leader ship position handpicked and puppeteered by Sonia, dismissed the Delhi Gang rape uprisings as inane hysterics by “highly dented and painted” women.

Bollywood actor and politician Jaya Bachchan wept for the gang rape victim on the House floor, but would never raise her voice against  her own party, the Samajwadi Party, when they give a Lok Sabha seat to an accused in a gang rape case.

As for getting more police women into the force get this.  In 2012,  trying to control a riot in Mumbai, five police women were sexually molested and stabbed by men in the mobs. Their weapons were taken from them and used against the police.

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  1. The problem with the ruler is that they surround themselves with yes men.
    To transform India or any other society you must first establish an alternative society. Preferably an existing society as functioning well.
    Then you can determine what changes are necessary in order to achieve this society.

  2. Well the whole country has reacted in several different ways and some change is bound to happen (at least a few future rapists may transform)… On a related note, here is my musical tribute to Damini, the Delhi victim girl – Ab aur nahi…

    Watch/share/whatever –

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_JH9CCx2Us
    MP3 file (2 MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/?m0kw0w6sk8v06sa

    Ashwin Palaparthi, music composer, Hyderabad.

  3. Change the way Indian boys are educated. Stop to behave with them as if they were the “kings of the world”. As long as boys will think they are superior to the other sex, once adults they will behave accordingly.

    • For that women must make the choice of confronting their patriarchal worship of men, instead of joining in the power game and catering to male ego and violence like India’s female politicians and many Indian mothers do!


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