Who Needs A Diploma in Sex ?

There is now a school in Vienna that actually offers an official diploma in sexual techniques.  This is The Austrian International School of Sex (AISOS) and it is not gag! It has an official website with information on programs, courses, registration and student services!  This is not your usual degree in human sexual behavior that regular universities offer – i.e. the abstract speculation on the sociology or psychology of human sexuality.  According to the school’s mission statement, it is The world’s first school of practical sex.”   It further explains, “Though our courses include both history and modern sexual theory, the emphasis is on how to be a better lover. Sexual positions, caressing techniques, anatomical features- these are the AISOS disciplines. And we teach you hands on.”

The first question that comes to mind, is what is this diploma going to be used for?

Certainly, there are lots of people in the world, who surf through Kamasutras, the internet and whatever other sources they can get their hands on, to improve their love-making skills.  This is usually just to better their personal sex lives, to be able to brag to or impress dates, or find better compatibility with their spouses or partners.   However for that, people don’t need to flash an official degree to prove their prowess.

So one wonders where these graduates who get this sex-technique diploma, are actually going to use them?

Are there certain professions that are going to make these diplomas a requirement?

And if so, then which professions would these be? Would these be legal professions that would advertise for a diploma holder openly?

Will these diploma holders be putting the degree on their CV with all their other school degrees?

Are these degrees going to be as mundane and sought-after as say as a Diploma affirming your culinary skills from the Cordon Bleu?

While this might sound wild, it really isn’t that so, because it does reflect the reality of at least the Indian society in the first millennium A.D.  Here is an excerpt from my book Sex and Power .

“Exalted as the highest form of art and science, love-making was meticulously studied and practiced as a science—known as kamashastra—and regarded as a requisite facet of civilized living. Prostitutes, particularly the courtesans, were sought after by the urban bourgeois as private instructors in the art…The authors of these books would be award the title of ‘acharya’ or supreme teacher…[In fact] The courtesans or ganikas, as they were known, were regarded as social celebrities.  These women were renowned for their beauty, intelligence and expertise in the Kamashastras and in the sixty-four associated arts…They were enterprising and negotiated their own fees. Not unlike today’s movie stars, they were immensely wealthy, with flashy establishments and a team of personal staff, which included a hairdresser, a masseur…[And] occasionally [they] made public appearances before excited fans, contributed to charity to maintain their glamorous image, while the upper class clamored to be seen in their company.” [pp130-33]

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  1. i am not sure, is Prostitution legal in Austria? if it is, then there maybe there is some value to this degree – just like any other degree for other jobs. though, on a light note (or maybe not so light) i think we could all benefit with less inhibitions, body shame and better understanding of the art of making love. far too many fake orgasms out there.

  2. Rita Banerji

     /  July 13, 2012

    hi Durba, Yes it is legal and regulated in Austria. But all the sex-workers are from Eastern Europe. You should read Rahila Gupta’s enslaved where she investigates who these girls are and what happens to them in Western Europe. See even if it is legal, the girls are not of legal status — that is where the abuse and exploitation comes in. Yes, we could all benefit with these classes. But in India we need basic sex ed first!! Here’s my new post 🙂 Can Women rape women? https://sexandpowerblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/can-women-not-rape-other-women/


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